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Colin (United Kingdom) says...
Excellent service all round. Nothing else to say.
16th April 2017 1:21am
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Antoni Yapor (Dominican Rep.) says...
Been many years with VPNUK, never had a problem, staff helpful and fast.
Work excellent to watch programming from different countries on smart..
15th April 2017 9:40pm
Jess (Canada) says...
great service, once again my internet works properly.
22nd March 2017 11:22pm
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andrew mant (Spain) says...
the staff are always helpful and will guide you through difficult events on your computer,well done to vpnuk.
20th February 2017 9:21am
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innocent (Nigeria) says...
Thanks guys it now work perfectly on my BlackBerry z10
1st January 2017 7:16pm
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Graeme (Denmark) says...
Fantastic service from Gary. I have a VPN connection speed like never before
30th September 2016 9:39pm
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Francesco (United Kingdom) says...
incredible work from these guys at VPNUK. A special thanks to Gary at customer service, his excellent technical knowledge helped me a lot, i would recommend VPN UK to anyone! God bless!
26th September 2016 9:44pm
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Russell (UAE) says...
Customer for 6 years now. Excellent service which just gets better. Never had to raise a complaint or even a technical issue.

The VPNUK service has been consistent and excellent for all the time I've been using them.

The amount of people I've come across who have had issues with their VPN provider! I've recommended VPNUK every time. They've all made the switch and all been more than happy!

19th September 2016 6:48am
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Fiachra (Ireland) says...
out of all the vpn serves i would recommend this the most customer service was amazing cost was good and had a wide range of servers to choose from
17th September 2016 7:24pm
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Glynn Jones (United Kingdom) says...
I have used VPNUK for some time and found that not only is the service usage excellent but the support service is second to none, Thanks for all your help
26th July 2016 10:11am
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sentino (United Kingdom) says...
Hello vpnuk, thank you for great service, I tried many vpn, this is best vpn.
24th July 2016 10:14am
ruiz (Nigeria) says...
I love it is good for me
9th July 2016 8:40pm
Romeo (Nigeria) says...
The Fastest way to hide or change your ip location, the best vpn service.
9th July 2016 11:01am
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Stephen Horsman (United Kingdom) says...
Just cancelled the 7 day free trial, worked great and will use on a monthly basis when outside the UK in the future.
3rd July 2016 10:47am
Hardik (India) says...
I have setup my vpn and it working perfectly. Thank u
28th June 2016 6:38am
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Donald Stuart (United Kingdom) says...
I am only 90 years young and spend a long time in Spain.Your service is invaluable to me.It enables me to watch all UK television.My sincere thanks.
19th June 2016 10:05am
Mac (Nigeria) says...
thank you for great vpn.
15th June 2016 8:56am
Graeme (Denmark) says...
Thanks Carlos. I am up and running again. Thanks for your speedy assistance.
12th June 2016 5:55pm
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Graeme (Denmark) says...
Just wanted to leave some very positive feedback on Gary who provided me with some excellent support in the last 20 minutes or so, setting up the fastest speed I have had to the UK in several years working with proxies. Thanks.
9th May 2016 8:35pm
Gary (United Kingdom) says...
After many years in China using vpnuk I wish to thank the team for their friendly and great support and offering a great service which enabled me to keep in touch with friends and family in the uk.
Thank you.
14th April 2016 11:59am
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Jeroen Adema (Belgium) says...
In need of a good and stable VPN? Look no further. It always works and should there be an issue the helpdesk helps you on your way fast.

You'll get value for your money and I have tried many VPN services before but this is the best.

14th January 2016 4:36pm
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Yolvi (Peru) says...
Es el mejor vpn del mundo, is the best vpn of world ! thnks for all!
4th December 2015 4:51pm
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Stan (Malaysia) says...
Have been Using this Company for over 4 years and this is my second account and over 2 years now, very reliable.. Also I thank you all for multiple server unlike 4 years ago. With this vpn your internet get faster, and smooth. I love the quality of their product. Super value
1st December 2015 4:06am
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Simon (UAE) says...
I just wanted to say that the customer support is truly excellent.

I've used vpnuk for a number of years and any technical issues have been sorted promptly and successfully.

Great service, and great value.

I can't compare to any other VPN provider since I haven't used any. There's been no reason to change!

10th November 2015 7:26am
Terence Marsh (United Kingdom) says...
Since I tried to install the VPN system it has not worked, this was last year whilst I was in Spain,

Can you please assist me as I have been paying for the service I have not to date used

Hello Terence, please come over to the Live Help service if you ever experience any problems with the VPNUK service. We are available around the clock, 7 days a week and can usually fix issues like this in just a couple of minutes. We also have a free remote access service where, with your permission, we can access your computer and setup the service for you. You can see the Live Help service at the bottom of every page, its the big 'Chat with Live Help' bubble.
29th October 2015 5:29pm
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