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Robert Fleming (Canada) says...
Excellent service. Very easy to setup and the live chat was very very helpful.
14th February 2015 9:22pm
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James Saunders (United Kingdom) says...
Grin Fantastic service which has just got better. Finally L2TP for OSX and IOS.. Will be great if they ever support Cisco so I can route all my home traffic over that giving me extra protection and a static IP. Online privacy and hacking is a real issue and should be taken seriously.. L2TP is far superior to PPTP so your browsing is safe when out and about.. another idea would be an app which will ensure your VPN connection stays up or automatically join if you are on a Wi-Fi network.. If you could select which Wi-Fi networks the VPN does not connect to would be good also. That way trusted networks will not be VPN'd but public or SSID's of your choice would be.. Please invent Cool I would pay extra for these services...
4th February 2015 8:15am
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Don Stuart (Spain) says...
The remote set up service was excellent. Angie was so helpful and very patient with an elderly incompetant PC operator. Weather conditions here occasionally disrupt normal TV, but with VPNUK it was excellent. I am very pleased with the service. Sincere thanks
23rd January 2015 8:07pm
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Roy Collins (United Kingdom) says...
I have had cause to use live chat on a few occasions and the service has always been excellent from both Carlos and Angie.
23rd January 2015 11:10am
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Diane Lea (Thailand) says...
The service was almost immediate. Angie was brilliant. She live chatted with me for ages as I am not very computer literate and very slow. She was patient, explained everything and sorted out my problem. Thank you very much.
19th January 2015 9:01am
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Ann wake (United Kingdom) says...
Couldnt have done it without your help. You were ,"" Ace ** thank you
17th January 2015 11:04am
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Nic Morris (Germany) says...
What really makes VPNUK stand out is their excellent online customer service. Over the years I've had a few technical issues, for instance when changing my own OS or other details, and they've always managed to find a solution, even when it wasn't totally obvious. And the online help team are always so nice!
11th January 2015 5:15pm
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gary (UAE) says...
My connection was initially slow. I sent an email request for assistance and received an almost immediate reply. Following instructions from Angie I have managed to restore normal service to my connection. This is some of the best IT support/ customer service that I have ever received. Well done VPNUK.
7th January 2015 4:44pm
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Mary Beecher (Cyprus) says...
Loved vpn , especially play back. Plus live help fantastic.
5th January 2015 7:25pm
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David (France) says...
What can I say but Gary in support has been brilliant. A complex issue of multiple devices, multiple operating systems and the dreaded Android Kit Kat on top which would not connect at all. So many variables but solved. In a word, TENACITY.

Been with VPNUK a few years now and I can only recommend them. You will not be left high and dry.

28th December 2014 8:58pm
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Marion Kripfgans (Germany) says...
Great and friendly Service !!Grin
17th December 2014 4:09pm
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Michael Williams (France) says...
Just upgraded to a dedicated IP address and setup dd-wrt on Asus RT-N16 router.
You cannot imagine just how fast the VPN performs.
I even get an upload speed faster to the UK than I do locally in France.

Just a great service.
Many thanks,

6th November 2014 3:59pm
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Wendy Greenslade (United Kingdom) says...
Stuck in a country where you cannot acess your 'home' stations can be frustrating. Not with VPNUK. The help line guided me through the set up process. Thanks I'll be renewing again when I'm next out of the country.
6th November 2014 8:06am
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L30 Sonnenberg (Canada) says...
I cannot thank the VPNUK Team enough for protecting my privacy. VPNUK received an email request for my contact details from a person who had seen my name on a feedback comment in Juy 2013. That person assumed that I was a relative of theirs and wanted to get in touch with me. The name given by the person was not one that I recognized nor was it in my genealogy charts back to 1790. I Appreciated Paul's action in sending the email to me to decide what action I wanted to take, And no, I did not give out my contact details.
27th October 2014 8:30pm
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Renee Gilfri (Spain) says...
Thank you for your assistance in getting me connected to VPNUK at the week-end. I am a 75 year old grandmother struggling with modern technology and after frustrating attempts to get connected, I gave up and went out for lunch with my husband.. On our return I reluctantly decided to try again and to my complete delight the fairies in my computer had connected me - or maybe it was the excellent staff at VPNUK. I am eternally grateful to both. Thank you again for your assistance.
13th October 2014 10:48pm
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Val Straw (United Kingdom) says...
Desperate to watch the football from Southern France and delighted to say I did. Had a few setting up problems but help was fantastic - everyone was very patient and seemed very keen to assist.
2nd October 2014 9:52am
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Michael Murray (Malta) says...
Thanks for the excellent Mac support provided by Gary. Very efficiently helped me setup Tunnelblick. Good job!
26th September 2014 4:54pm
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arthur cooke (Italy) says...
Quick and efficient, many thanks to Carlos. Grin
7th September 2014 2:35pm
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marc (United States) says...
customer service was almost immediate. midnight US eastern time and got a chat msg within seconds of sending my issue. if all companies in the world were like vpnuk no one would be stressed. butterflies and hummingbirds would reign supreme. seriously though.... thumbs up!! thanks paul!
27th August 2014 7:03pm
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Carole (United States) says...
Many thanks to Gary for setting up the service for me after my previous company went out of business. He couldnt have been more patient and helpful
4th August 2014 10:44pm
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Alaa M. (Egypt) says...
Very excellent unique service ... Ever ... Always support i never regret for being using vpnuk service.
4th August 2014 4:46am
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Keith (United States) says...
Been a VPNUK user since 1/1/2009! It just works - support is always excellent & quick when needed. Reason I am here today is checking to see if you guys support Chrome OS (not expecting you do) and surprise you do that too now! Happy Happy customer Tongue
28th July 2014 11:33pm
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Ruth (Spain) says...
I have used VPNUK now for about 4 years in Spain and even when I went back to NZ. I will definitely be using it again when I am out of the UK. Superb efficient help too if you have the need. Smile
8th June 2014 10:25am
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Sarah (UAE) says...
Great service and online help was quick and efficient, no issues with the connection or payments . Only cancelled as I returned to the UK. Would I use again in the future!
29th May 2014 6:48pm
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Keith Vinall-Hooker (Turkey) says...
Not being IT minded the help i get is without doubt second to none,Carlos is always able to fix my (simple) problems.
15th May 2014 1:57pm
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