Setup Smart DNS Windows 10

Setting up VPNUK SMART DNS on Windows 10.

1. Registering your IP on the SmartDNS service

Login to the Client CP using your VPNUK login username and password.

2. Go to SmartDNS Menu

Go to the ‘VPNUK Smart DNS‘ sub menu and select ‘IP Address Check-in’.

3. Register IP

The Smart DNS system will reveal your current IP address, click onto the ‘Enable’ button, that will register your current IP address on the Smart DNS service.
IMPORTANT: If you change location, or if your IP address changes you will need to check-in the new IP. For example, if you are using wi-fi, at home, and then go to an outside location and use a wi-fi hotspot, you will need to check-in that new IP address. You will then need to check-in your home IP once you return home. Each IP address you use to access the internet has to be checked in before you can access the SmartDNS service.

4. Confirmation

The Smart DNS system will confirm your IP address has been registered, it takes just a couple of minutes become enabled on the service.

5. Registered

The Smart DNS system will confirm your IP address has been registered, it takes just a couple of minutes become enabled on the service.

6. Get SmartDNS IP

Click onto the ‘Smart DNS Server IP’ link in the menu.

7. Copy IP

Copy or make a note of the ‘Smart DNS Server IP’ that you are to use, you will need this later in the setup.

8. Network and Sharing Centre

Right click onto your networking icon in the sys tray (fig. A) and select ‘Open Network and Sharing Centre’ (fig. B).

9. Change Adapter

In the left hand pane, Select ‘Change Adapter Settings’.

10. LAN Connection

Right click onto your active Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection and select Properties.

11. IPv4 Settings

On the Networking tab, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

12. Smart DNS IP

Check the box that reads ‘Use the following DNS server address’ and Enter a ‘Smart DNS IP’ as your Preferred and Alternate DNS Server, Click ‘OK’.

VPNUK Connection Setup Tutorial

Thats It! In order to be sure the settings are active you should Disable/Enable the internet connection or reboot your computer.

SmartDNS Cache Troubleshooter

Q. I have removed your SmartDNS settings or they are not enabled but I keep getting your Listener page?
A. You have cache’ing turned on or your settings or your browser settings are storing cache’d pages. We need to turn that off in the browser and clear your cache.

Safari Browser
Go to Safari > Preferences > Check – Show developer options > From menu in Safari Browser click onto ‘Developer’ and then click clear caches and disable caches.

Internet Explorer
Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Settings > Everytime I vist the page

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Cached web content >Clear now – then you can check override and limit it to 1mb

Open Chrome and enter the following address: chrome://settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data – Make sure cached images and files is checked then click clear